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The automotive industry is nowadays facing special challenges: The progressive globalization, the increasing fusion of technology companies with automotive manufacturers as well as the rising customer requests for eco-friendly vehicles increase the the global competitive pressure.

With more than 30 years of experience in the development of individual and innovative system solutions for the automotive and automotive supplier industry we help you continue to increase the efficiency of your production in the future. Due to our wide practical knowledge and know-how we are able to deliver single solutions as well as complex complete solutions like e.g. assembly plants for gears, components for brake systems, turbochargers, differential gears or steering systems from one source today.

In doing so we understand ourselves as reliable and competent partners, who know their customers’ needs, provide customer-oriented consultation and who offer targeted individual solutions. You are planning a project? Contact us! Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Our references in the field of automotive

Axle assembly – An example for the successful implementation of industry 4.0.

In a long-standing cooperation with a big automotive supplier and the resulting experience we built a pre-assembly plant for the production of components of axles for commercial vehicles. The plant is able to cover a wide range of parts without the need to replace type-specific change parts.

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Assembly plant for brake systems

The plant was built up in modules with standard cells so that it can extended for follow-up processes. Due to the modular structure, high synergies can be obtained with the construction as well as the mechanical manufacturing.

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Gear Assembly – An example for a flexible and complex assembly line with a one-piece flow system

An example for a flexible plant in the matter of measurement technology and assembly technology is the realization of a gear pre-assembly line for big automotive suppliers. The plant stands out by the use of flexible measurement technology (3D coordinate measurement machine) in combination with special stations for static and dynamic measurements.

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Vibration absorber assembly

Special features of that plant are the ability to supply and isolate coil springs, to combine coil spring packages and check them (“spring rate”) and to install the coil spring packages in the vibration absorber using a scara robot including riveting processes.

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Highly complex assembly plant for gear components

Workers equip the components at manual workplaces and supply them to the assembly cell. Robots take over the transfer of the components from processing station to processing station.
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Assembly line for a hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is mounted in different steps, mostly semi-automatically. The manual activity predominantly consists of material handling, placement operations and scanning operations. The plant includes processes like joining, riveting, screwing, controlling tasks via vision-systems and finally laser labelling of a DMC.
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